Material Design Icons

Icons Examples

Use for Material Design icons <i class="mdi mdi-account"></i>.

mdi mdi-access-point
mdi mdi-access-point-network
mdi mdi-account
mdi mdi-account-box
mdi mdi-account-box-outline
mdi mdi-account-card-details
mdi mdi-account-check
mdi mdi-account-circle
mdi mdi-account-convert
mdi mdi-account-key
mdi mdi-account-location
mdi mdi-account-minus
mdi mdi-account-multiple
mdi mdi-account-multiple-minus
mdi mdi-account-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-account-multiple-plus
mdi mdi-account-network
mdi mdi-account-off
mdi mdi-account-outline
mdi mdi-account-plus
mdi mdi-account-remove
mdi mdi-account-search
mdi mdi-account-settings
mdi mdi-account-settings-variant
mdi mdi-account-star
mdi mdi-account-star-variant
mdi mdi-account-switch
mdi mdi-adjust
mdi mdi-air-conditioner
mdi mdi-airballoon
mdi mdi-airplane
mdi mdi-airplane-landing
mdi mdi-airplane-off
mdi mdi-airplane-takeoff
mdi mdi-airplay
mdi mdi-alarm
mdi mdi-alarm-check
mdi mdi-alarm-multiple
mdi mdi-alarm-off
mdi mdi-alarm-plus
mdi mdi-albums
mdi mdi-alert
mdi mdi-alert-box
mdi mdi-alert-circle
mdi mdi-alert-circle-outline
mdi mdi-alert-octagon
mdi mdi-alert-outline
mdi mdi-alpha
mdi mdi-alphabetical
mdi mdi-altimeter
mdi mdi-amazon
mdi mdi-amazon-clouddrive
mdi mdi-ambulance
mdi mdi-amplifier
mdi mdi-anchor
mdi mdi-android
mdi mdi-android-debug-bridge
mdi mdi-android-studio
mdi mdi-animation
mdi mdi-apple
mdi mdi-apple-finder
mdi mdi-apple-ios
mdi mdi-apple-keyboard-caps
mdi mdi-apple-keyboard-command
mdi mdi-apple-keyboard-control
mdi mdi-apple-keyboard-option
mdi mdi-apple-keyboard-shift
mdi mdi-apple-mobileme
mdi mdi-apple-safari
mdi mdi-application
mdi mdi-appnet
mdi mdi-apps
mdi mdi-archive
mdi mdi-arrange-bring-forward
mdi mdi-arrange-bring-to-front
mdi mdi-arrange-send-backward
mdi mdi-arrange-send-to-back
mdi mdi-arrow-all
mdi mdi-arrow-bottom-left
mdi mdi-arrow-bottom-right
mdi mdi-arrow-compress
mdi mdi-arrow-compress-all
mdi mdi-arrow-down
mdi mdi-arrow-down
mdi mdi-arrow-down-bold-circle
mdi mdi-arrow-down-bold-circle-outline
mdi mdi-arrow-down-bold-hexagon-outline
mdi mdi-arrow-down-drop-circle
mdi mdi-arrow-down-drop-circle-outline
mdi mdi-arrow-expand
mdi mdi-arrow-expand-all
mdi mdi-arrow-left
mdi mdi-arrow-left-bold
mdi mdi-arrow-left-bold-circle
mdi mdi-arrow-left-bold-circle-outline
mdi mdi-arrow-left-bold-hexagon-outline
mdi mdi-arrow-left-drop-circle
mdi mdi-arrow-left-drop-circle-outline
mdi mdi-arrow-right
mdi mdi-arrow-right-bold
mdi mdi-arrow-right-bold-circle
mdi mdi-arrow-right-bold-circle-outline
mdi mdi-arrow-right-bold-hexagon-outline
mdi mdi-arrow-right-drop-circle
mdi mdi-arrow-right-drop-circle-outline
mdi mdi-arrow-top-left
mdi mdi-arrow-top-right
mdi mdi-arrow-up
mdi mdi-arrow-up-bold
mdi mdi-arrow-up-bold-circle
mdi mdi-arrow-up-bold-circle-outline
mdi mdi-arrow-up-bold-hexagon-outline
mdi mdi-arrow-up-drop-circle
mdi mdi-arrow-up-drop-circle-outline
mdi mdi-assistant
mdi mdi-at
mdi mdi-attachment
mdi mdi-audiobook
mdi mdi-auto-fix
mdi mdi-auto-upload
mdi mdi-autorenew
mdi mdi-av-timer
mdi mdi-baby
mdi mdi-backburger
mdi mdi-backspace
mdi mdi-backup-restore
mdi mdi-bank
mdi mdi-barcode
mdi mdi-barcode-scan
mdi mdi-barley
mdi mdi-barrel
mdi mdi-basecamp
mdi mdi-basket
mdi mdi-basket-fill
mdi mdi-basket-unfill
mdi mdi-battery
mdi mdi-battery-10
mdi mdi-battery-20
mdi mdi-battery-30
mdi mdi-battery-40
mdi mdi-battery-50
mdi mdi-battery-60
mdi mdi-battery-70
mdi mdi-battery-80
mdi mdi-battery-90
mdi mdi-battery-alert
mdi mdi-battery-charging
mdi mdi-battery-charging-100
mdi mdi-battery-charging-20
mdi mdi-battery-charging-30
mdi mdi-battery-charging-40
mdi mdi-battery-charging-60
mdi mdi-battery-charging-80
mdi mdi-battery-charging-90
mdi mdi-battery-minus
mdi mdi-battery-negative
mdi mdi-battery-outline
mdi mdi-battery-plus
mdi mdi-battery-positive
mdi mdi-battery-unknown
mdi mdi-beach
mdi mdi-beats
mdi mdi-beer
mdi mdi-behance
mdi mdi-bell
mdi mdi-bell-off
mdi mdi-bell-outline
mdi mdi-bell-plus
mdi mdi-bell-ring
mdi mdi-bell-ring-outline
mdi mdi-bell-sleep
mdi mdi-beta
mdi mdi-bible
mdi mdi-bike
mdi mdi-bing
mdi mdi-binoculars
mdi mdi-bio
mdi mdi-biohazard
mdi mdi-bitbucket
mdi mdi-black-mesa
mdi mdi-blackberry
mdi mdi-blender
mdi mdi-blinds
mdi mdi-block-helper
mdi mdi-blogger
mdi mdi-bluetooth
mdi mdi-bluetooth-audio
mdi mdi-bluetooth-connect
mdi mdi-bluetooth-off
mdi mdi-bluetooth-settings
mdi mdi-bluetooth-transfer
mdi mdi-blur
mdi mdi-blur-linear
mdi mdi-blur-off
mdi mdi-blur-radial
mdi mdi-bone
mdi mdi-book
mdi mdi-book-minus
mdi mdi-book-multiple
mdi mdi-book-multiple-variant
mdi mdi-book-open
mdi mdi-book-open-page-variant
mdi mdi-book-open-variant
mdi mdi-book-plus
mdi mdi-book-variant
mdi mdi-bookmark
mdi mdi-bookmark-check
mdi mdi-bookmark-music
mdi mdi-bookmark-outline
mdi mdi-bookmark-plus
mdi mdi-bookmark-plus-outline
mdi mdi-bookmark-remove
mdi mdi-boombox
mdi mdi-border-all
mdi mdi-border-bottom
mdi mdi-border-color
mdi mdi-border-horizontal
mdi mdi-border-inside
mdi mdi-border-left
mdi mdi-border-none
mdi mdi-border-outside
mdi mdi-border-right
mdi mdi-border-style
mdi mdi-border-top
mdi mdi-border-vertical
mdi mdi-bowl
mdi mdi-bowling
mdi mdi-box
mdi mdi-box-cutter
mdi mdi-box-shadow
mdi mdi-bridge
mdi mdi-briefcase
mdi mdi-briefcase-check
mdi mdi-briefcase-download
mdi mdi-briefcase-upload
mdi mdi-brightness-1
mdi mdi-brightness-2
mdi mdi-brightness-3
mdi mdi-brightness-4
mdi mdi-brightness-5
mdi mdi-brightness-6
mdi mdi-brightness-7
mdi mdi-brightness-auto
mdi mdi-broom
mdi mdi-brush
mdi mdi-buffer
mdi mdi-bug
mdi mdi-bulletin-board
mdi mdi-bullhorn
mdi mdi-bullseye
mdi mdi-burst-mode
mdi mdi-bus
mdi mdi-cached
mdi mdi-cake
mdi mdi-cake-layered
mdi mdi-cake-variant
mdi mdi-calculator
mdi mdi-calendar
mdi mdi-calendar-blank
mdi mdi-calendar-check
mdi mdi-calendar-clock
mdi mdi-calendar-multiple
mdi mdi-calendar-multiple-check
mdi mdi-calendar-plus
mdi mdi-calendar-remove
mdi mdi-calendar-text
mdi mdi-calendar-today
mdi mdi-call-made
mdi mdi-call-merge
mdi mdi-call-missed
mdi mdi-call-received
mdi mdi-call-split
mdi mdi-camcorder
mdi mdi-camcorder-box
mdi mdi-camcorder-box-off
mdi mdi-camcorder-off
mdi mdi-camera
mdi mdi-camera-enhance
mdi mdi-camera-front
mdi mdi-camera-front-variant
mdi mdi-camera-iris
mdi mdi-camera-off
mdi mdi-camera-party-mode
mdi mdi-camera-rear
mdi mdi-camera-rear-variant
mdi mdi-camera-switch
mdi mdi-camera-timer
mdi mdi-candle
mdi mdi-candycane
mdi mdi-car
mdi mdi-car-battery
mdi mdi-car-connected
mdi mdi-car-wash
mdi mdi-cards
mdi mdi-cards-outline
mdi mdi-cards-playing-outline
mdi mdi-carrot
mdi mdi-cart
mdi mdi-cart-off
mdi mdi-cart-outline
mdi mdi-cart-plus
mdi mdi-case-sensitive-alt
mdi mdi-cash
mdi mdi-cash-100
mdi mdi-cash-multiple
mdi mdi-cash-usd
mdi mdi-cast
mdi mdi-cast-connected
mdi mdi-castle
mdi mdi-cat
mdi mdi-cellphone
mdi mdi-cellphone-android
mdi mdi-cellphone-basic
mdi mdi-cellphone-dock
mdi mdi-cellphone-iphone
mdi mdi-cellphone-link
mdi mdi-cellphone-link-off
mdi mdi-cellphone-settings
mdi mdi-certificate
mdi mdi-chair-school
mdi mdi-chart-arc
mdi mdi-chart-areaspline
mdi mdi-chart-bar
mdi mdi-chart-bubble
mdi mdi-chart-gantt
mdi mdi-chart-gantt
mdi mdi-chart-histogram
mdi mdi-chart-line
mdi mdi-chart-pie
mdi mdi-chart-scatterplot-hexbin
mdi mdi-check
mdi mdi-check-all
mdi mdi-check-circle
mdi mdi-check-circle-outline
mdi mdi-checkbox-blank
mdi mdi-checkbox-blank-circle
mdi mdi-checkbox-blank-circle-outline
mdi mdi-checkbox-blank-outline
mdi mdi-checkbox-marked
mdi mdi-checkbox-marked-circle
mdi mdi-checkbox-marked-circle-outline
mdi mdi-checkbox-marked-outline
mdi mdi-checkbox-multiple-blank
mdi mdi-checkbox-multiple-blank-circle
mdi mdi-checkbox-multiple-blank-circle-outline
mdi mdi-checkbox-multiple-blank-outline
mdi mdi-checkbox-multiple-marked
mdi mdi-checkbox-multiple-marked-circle
mdi mdi-checkbox-multiple-marked-circle-outline
mdi mdi-checkbox-multiple-marked-outline
mdi mdi-checkerboard
mdi mdi-chemical-weapon
mdi mdi-chemical-weapon
mdi mdi-chevron-double-down
mdi mdi-chevron-double-left
mdi mdi-chevron-double-right
mdi mdi-chevron-double-up
mdi mdi-chevron-down
mdi mdi-chevron-left
mdi mdi-chevron-right
mdi mdi-chevron-up
mdi mdi-chip
mdi mdi-church
mdi mdi-cisco-webex
mdi mdi-city
mdi mdi-clipboard
mdi mdi-clipboard-account
mdi mdi-clipboard-alert
mdi mdi-clipboard-arrow-down
mdi mdi-clipboard-arrow-left
mdi mdi-clipboard-check
mdi mdi-clipboard-outline
mdi mdi-clipboard-text
mdi mdi-clippy
mdi mdi-clock
mdi mdi-clock-alert
mdi mdi-clock-end
mdi mdi-clock-fast
mdi mdi-clock-in
mdi mdi-clock-out
mdi mdi-clock-start
mdi mdi-close
mdi mdi-close-box
mdi mdi-close-box-outline
mdi mdi-close-circle
mdi mdi-close-circle-outline
mdi mdi-close-network
mdi mdi-close-octagon
mdi mdi-close-octagon-outline
mdi mdi-closed-caption
mdi mdi-cloud
mdi mdi-cloud-check
mdi mdi-cloud-circle
mdi mdi-cloud-download
mdi mdi-cloud-outline
mdi mdi-cloud-outline-off
mdi mdi-cloud-print
mdi mdi-cloud-print-outline
mdi mdi-cloud-sync
mdi mdi-cloud-upload
mdi mdi-code-array
mdi mdi-code-braces
mdi mdi-code-brackets
mdi mdi-code-equal
mdi mdi-code-greater-than
mdi mdi-code-greater-than-or-equal
mdi mdi-code-less-than
mdi mdi-code-less-than-or-equal
mdi mdi-code-not-equal
mdi mdi-code-not-equal-variant
mdi mdi-code-parentheses
mdi mdi-code-string
mdi mdi-code-tags
mdi mdi-codepen
mdi mdi-coffee
mdi mdi-coffee-to-go
mdi mdi-coin
mdi mdi-collage
mdi mdi-color-helper
mdi mdi-comment
mdi mdi-comment-account
mdi mdi-comment-account-outline
mdi mdi-comment-alert
mdi mdi-comment-alert-outline
mdi mdi-comment-check
mdi mdi-comment-check-outline
mdi mdi-comment-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-comment-outline
mdi mdi-comment-plus-outline
mdi mdi-comment-processing
mdi mdi-comment-processing-outline
mdi mdi-comment-question-outline
mdi mdi-comment-remove-outline
mdi mdi-comment-text
mdi mdi-comment-text-outline
mdi mdi-compare
mdi mdi-compass
mdi mdi-compass-outline
mdi mdi-console
mdi mdi-contact-mail
mdi mdi-content-copy
mdi mdi-content-cut
mdi mdi-content-duplicate
mdi mdi-content-paste
mdi mdi-content-save
mdi mdi-content-save-all
mdi mdi-content-save-settings
mdi mdi-contrast
mdi mdi-contrast-box
mdi mdi-contrast-circle
mdi mdi-cookie
mdi mdi-copyright
mdi mdi-counter
mdi mdi-cow
mdi mdi-credit-card
mdi mdi-credit-card-multiple
mdi mdi-credit-card-off
mdi mdi-credit-card-scan
mdi mdi-crop
mdi mdi-crop-free
mdi mdi-crop-landscape
mdi mdi-crop-portrait
mdi mdi-crop-square
mdi mdi-crosshairs
mdi mdi-crosshairs-gps
mdi mdi-crown
mdi mdi-cube
mdi mdi-cube-outline
mdi mdi-cube-send
mdi mdi-cube-unfolded
mdi mdi-cup
mdi mdi-cup-off
mdi mdi-cup-water
mdi mdi-currency-btc
mdi mdi-currency-eur
mdi mdi-currency-gbp
mdi mdi-currency-inr
mdi mdi-currency-ngn
mdi mdi-currency-rub
mdi mdi-currency-try
mdi mdi-currency-usd
mdi mdi-cursor-default
mdi mdi-cursor-default-outline
mdi mdi-cursor-move
mdi mdi-cursor-pointer
mdi mdi-cursor-text
mdi mdi-database
mdi mdi-database-minus
mdi mdi-database-plus
mdi mdi-debug-step-into
mdi mdi-debug-step-out
mdi mdi-debug-step-over
mdi mdi-decimal-decrease
mdi mdi-delete
mdi mdi-delete-forever
mdi mdi-delete-sweep
mdi mdi-delete-variant
mdi mdi-delta
mdi mdi-deskphone
mdi mdi-desktop-mac
mdi mdi-desktop-tower
mdi mdi-details
mdi mdi-deviantart
mdi mdi-dialpad
mdi mdi-diamond
mdi mdi-dice-1
mdi mdi-dice-2
mdi mdi-dice-3
mdi mdi-dice-4
mdi mdi-dice-5
mdi mdi-dice-6
mdi mdi-dice-d20
mdi mdi-dice-d4
mdi mdi-dice-d6
mdi mdi-dice-d8
mdi mdi-dictionary
mdi mdi-directions
mdi mdi-directions-fork
mdi mdi-discord
mdi mdi-disk
mdi mdi-disk-alert
mdi mdi-disqus
mdi mdi-disqus-outline
mdi mdi-division
mdi mdi-division-box
mdi mdi-dns
mdi mdi-domain
mdi mdi-dots-horizontal
mdi mdi-dots-vertical
mdi mdi-download
mdi mdi-drag
mdi mdi-drag-horizontal
mdi mdi-drag-vertical
mdi mdi-drawing
mdi mdi-drawing-box
mdi mdi-dribbble
mdi mdi-dribbble-box
mdi mdi-drone
mdi mdi-dropbox
mdi mdi-drupal
mdi mdi-duck
mdi mdi-dumbbell
mdi mdi-earth
mdi mdi-earth-off
mdi mdi-edge
mdi mdi-eject
mdi mdi-elevation-decline
mdi mdi-elevation-rise
mdi mdi-elevator
mdi mdi-email
mdi mdi-email-open
mdi mdi-email-open-outline
mdi mdi-email-outline
mdi mdi-email-secure
mdi mdi-email-variant
mdi mdi-emoticon
mdi mdi-emoticon-cool
mdi mdi-emoticon-devil
mdi mdi-emoticon-happy
mdi mdi-emoticon-neutral
mdi mdi-emoticon-poop
mdi mdi-emoticon-sad
mdi mdi-emoticon-tongue
mdi mdi-engine
mdi mdi-engine-outline
mdi mdi-equal
mdi mdi-equal-box
mdi mdi-eraser
mdi mdi-eraser-variant
mdi mdi-escalator
mdi mdi-ethernet
mdi mdi-ethernet-cable
mdi mdi-ethernet-cable-off
mdi mdi-etsy
mdi mdi-ev-station
mdi mdi-evernote
mdi mdi-exclamation
mdi mdi-exit-to-app
mdi mdi-export
mdi mdi-eye
mdi mdi-eye-off
mdi mdi-eyedropper
mdi mdi-eyedropper-variant
mdi mdi-face
mdi mdi-face-profile
mdi mdi-facebook
mdi mdi-facebook-box
mdi mdi-facebook-messenger
mdi mdi-factory
mdi mdi-fan
mdi mdi-fast-forward
mdi mdi-fax
mdi mdi-ferry
mdi mdi-file
mdi mdi-file-chart
mdi mdi-file-check
mdi mdi-file-cloud
mdi mdi-file-delimited
mdi mdi-file-document
mdi mdi-file-document-box
mdi mdi-file-excel
mdi mdi-file-excel-box
mdi mdi-file-export
mdi mdi-file-find
mdi mdi-file-hidden
mdi mdi-file-image
mdi mdi-file-import
mdi mdi-file-lock
mdi mdi-file-multiple
mdi mdi-file-music
mdi mdi-file-outline
mdi mdi-file-pdf
mdi mdi-file-pdf-box
mdi mdi-file-powerpoint
mdi mdi-file-powerpoint-box
mdi mdi-file-restore
mdi mdi-file-send
mdi mdi-file-tree
mdi mdi-file-video
mdi mdi-file-word
mdi mdi-file-word-box
mdi mdi-file-xml
mdi mdi-film
mdi mdi-filmstrip
mdi mdi-filmstrip-off
mdi mdi-filter
mdi mdi-filter-outline
mdi mdi-filter-remove
mdi mdi-filter-remove-outline
mdi mdi-filter-variant
mdi mdi-fingerprint
mdi mdi-fire
mdi mdi-firefox
mdi mdi-fish
mdi mdi-flag
mdi mdi-flag-checkered
mdi mdi-flag-outline
mdi mdi-flag-outline-variant
mdi mdi-flag-triangle
mdi mdi-flag-variant
mdi mdi-flash
mdi mdi-flash-auto
mdi mdi-flash-off
mdi mdi-flashlight
mdi mdi-flashlight-off
mdi mdi-flask
mdi mdi-flask-empty
mdi mdi-flask-empty-outline
mdi mdi-flask-outline
mdi mdi-flattr
mdi mdi-flask-empty
mdi mdi-flask-empty-outline
mdi mdi-flask-outline
mdi mdi-flattr
mdi mdi-flip-to-back
mdi mdi-flip-to-front
mdi mdi-floppy
mdi mdi-flower
mdi mdi-folder
mdi mdi-folder-account
mdi mdi-folder-download
mdi mdi-folder-google-drive
mdi mdi-folder-image
mdi mdi-folder-lock
mdi mdi-folder-lock-open
mdi mdi-folder-move
mdi mdi-folder-multiple
mdi mdi-folder-multiple-image
mdi mdi-folder-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-folder-outline
mdi mdi-folder-plus
mdi mdi-folder-remove
mdi mdi-folder-upload
mdi mdi-food
mdi mdi-food-apple
mdi mdi-food-fork-drink
mdi mdi-food-off
mdi mdi-food-variant
mdi mdi-football
mdi mdi-football-australian
mdi mdi-football-helmet
mdi mdi-format-align-center
mdi mdi-format-align-justify
mdi mdi-format-align-left
mdi mdi-format-align-right
mdi mdi-format-annotation-plus
mdi mdi-format-bold
mdi mdi-format-clear
mdi mdi-format-color-fill
mdi mdi-format-float-center
mdi mdi-format-float-left
mdi mdi-format-float-none
mdi mdi-format-float-right
mdi mdi-format-header-1
mdi mdi-format-header-2
mdi mdi-format-header-3
mdi mdi-format-header-4
mdi mdi-format-header-5
mdi mdi-format-header-6
mdi mdi-format-header-decrease
mdi mdi-format-header-equal
mdi mdi-format-header-increase
mdi mdi-format-header-pound
mdi mdi-format-horizontal-align-center
mdi mdi-format-horizontal-align-left
mdi mdi-format-horizontal-align-right
mdi mdi-format-indent-decrease
mdi mdi-format-indent-increase
mdi mdi-format-italic
mdi mdi-format-line-spacing
mdi mdi-format-line-style
mdi mdi-format-line-weight
mdi mdi-format-list-bulleted
mdi mdi-format-list-bulleted-type
mdi mdi-format-list-numbers
mdi mdi-format-paint
mdi mdi-format-paragraph
mdi mdi-format-quote
mdi mdi-format-size
mdi mdi-format-strikethrough
mdi mdi-format-strikethrough-variant
mdi mdi-format-subscript
mdi mdi-format-superscript
mdi mdi-format-text
mdi mdi-format-textdirection-l-to-r
mdi mdi-format-textdirection-r-to-l
mdi mdi-format-title
mdi mdi-format-underline
mdi mdi-format-vertical-align-bottom
mdi mdi-format-vertical-align-center
mdi mdi-format-vertical-align-top
mdi mdi-format-wrap-inline
mdi mdi-format-wrap-square
mdi mdi-format-wrap-tight
mdi mdi-format-wrap-top-bottom
mdi mdi-forum
mdi mdi-forward
mdi mdi-foursquare
mdi mdi-fridge
mdi mdi-fridge-filled
mdi mdi-fridge-filled-bottom
mdi mdi-fridge-filled-top
mdi mdi-fullscreen
mdi mdi-fullscreen-exit
mdi mdi-function
mdi mdi-gamepad
mdi mdi-gamepad-variant
mdi mdi-gas-cylinder
mdi mdi-gas-station
mdi mdi-gate
mdi mdi-gauge
mdi mdi-gavel
mdi mdi-gender-female
mdi mdi-gender-male
mdi mdi-gender-male-female
mdi mdi-gender-transgender
mdi mdi-ghost
mdi mdi-gift
mdi mdi-git
mdi mdi-github-box
mdi mdi-github-circle
mdi mdi-glass-flute
mdi mdi-glass-mug
mdi mdi-glass-stange
mdi mdi-glass-tulip
mdi mdi-glassdoor
mdi mdi-glasses
mdi mdi-gmail
mdi mdi-gnome
mdi mdi-google
mdi mdi-google-cardboard
mdi mdi-google-chrome
mdi mdi-google-circles
mdi mdi-google-circles-communities
mdi mdi-google-circles-extended
mdi mdi-google-circles-group
mdi mdi-google-controller
mdi mdi-google-controller-off
mdi mdi-google-drive
mdi mdi-google-earth
mdi mdi-google-glass
mdi mdi-google-maps
mdi mdi-google-nearby
mdi mdi-google-pages
mdi mdi-google-physical-web
mdi mdi-google-play
mdi mdi-google-plus
mdi mdi-google-plus-box
mdi mdi-google-translate
mdi mdi-google-wallet
mdi mdi-grease-pencil
mdi mdi-grid
mdi mdi-grid-off
mdi mdi-group
mdi mdi-grid-off
mdi mdi-group
mdi mdi-guitar-electric
mdi mdi-guitar-pick
mdi mdi-guitar-pick-outline
mdi mdi-guitar-pick-outline
mdi mdi-hackernews
mdi mdi-hand-pointing-right
mdi mdi-hanger
mdi mdi-hangouts
mdi mdi-harddisk
mdi mdi-headphones
mdi mdi-headphones-box
mdi mdi-headphones-settings
mdi mdi-headset
mdi mdi-headset-dock
mdi mdi-headset-off
mdi mdi-heart
mdi mdi-heart-box
mdi mdi-heart-box-outline
mdi mdi-heart-broken
mdi mdi-heart-outline
mdi mdi-heart-pulse
mdi mdi-help
mdi mdi-help-circle
mdi mdi-help-circle-outline
mdi mdi-hexagon
mdi mdi-hexagon-outline
mdi mdi-highway
mdi mdi-history
mdi mdi-hololens
mdi mdi-home
mdi mdi-home-map-marker
mdi mdi-home-modern
mdi mdi-home-variant
mdi mdi-hops
mdi mdi-hospital
mdi mdi-hospital-building
mdi mdi-hospital-marker
mdi mdi-hotel
mdi mdi-houzz
mdi mdi-houzz-box
mdi mdi-human
mdi mdi-human-child
mdi mdi-human-female
mdi mdi-human-greeting
mdi mdi-human-handsdown
mdi mdi-human-handsup
mdi mdi-human-male
mdi mdi-human-male-female
mdi mdi-human-pregnant
mdi mdi-image
mdi mdi-image-album
mdi mdi-image-area
mdi mdi-image-area-close
mdi mdi-image-broken
mdi mdi-image-broken-variant
mdi mdi-image-filter
mdi mdi-image-filter-black-white
mdi mdi-image-filter-center-focus
mdi mdi-image-filter-center-focus-weak
mdi mdi-image-filter-drama
mdi mdi-image-filter-frames
mdi mdi-image-filter-hdr
mdi mdi-image-filter-none
mdi mdi-image-filter-tilt-shift
mdi mdi-image-filter-vintage
mdi mdi-image-multiple
mdi mdi-import
mdi mdi-inbox
mdi mdi-incognito
mdi mdi-information
mdi mdi-information-outline
mdi mdi-information-variant
mdi mdi-instagram
mdi mdi-instapaper
mdi mdi-internet-explorer
mdi mdi-invert-colors
mdi mdi-jeepney
mdi mdi-jira
mdi mdi-jsfiddle
mdi mdi-json
mdi mdi-keg
mdi mdi-kettle
mdi mdi-key
mdi mdi-key-change
mdi mdi-key-minus
mdi mdi-key-plus
mdi mdi-key-remove
mdi mdi-key-variant
mdi mdi-keyboard
mdi mdi-keyboard-backspace
mdi mdi-keyboard-caps
mdi mdi-keyboard-close
mdi mdi-keyboard-off
mdi mdi-keyboard-return
mdi mdi-keyboard-tab
mdi mdi-keyboard-variant
mdi mdi-kodi
mdi mdi-label
mdi mdi-label-outline
mdi mdi-lambda
mdi mdi-lan
mdi mdi-lan-connect
mdi mdi-lan-disconnect
mdi mdi-lan-pending
mdi mdi-language-c
mdi mdi-language-cpp
mdi mdi-language-csharp
mdi mdi-language-css3
mdi mdi-language-html5
mdi mdi-language-javascript
mdi mdi-language-php
mdi mdi-language-python
mdi mdi-language-python-text
mdi mdi-laptop
mdi mdi-laptop-chromebook
mdi mdi-laptop-mac
mdi mdi-laptop-windows
mdi mdi-lastfm
mdi mdi-launch
mdi mdi-layers
mdi mdi-layers-off
mdi mdi-lead-pencil
mdi mdi-leaf
mdi mdi-led-off
mdi mdi-led-on
mdi mdi-led-outline
mdi mdi-led-variant-off
mdi mdi-led-variant-on
mdi mdi-led-variant-outline
mdi mdi-library
mdi mdi-library-books
mdi mdi-library-music
mdi mdi-library-plus
mdi mdi-lightbulb
mdi mdi-lightbulb-outline
mdi mdi-link
mdi mdi-link-off
mdi mdi-link-variant
mdi mdi-link-variant-off
mdi mdi-linkedin
mdi mdi-linkedin-box
mdi mdi-linux
mdi mdi-lock
mdi mdi-lock-open
mdi mdi-lock-open-outline
mdi mdi-lock-outline
mdi mdi-lock-plus
mdi mdi-login
mdi mdi-login-variant
mdi mdi-logout
mdi mdi-logout-variant
mdi mdi-looks
mdi mdi-loupe
mdi mdi-lumx
mdi mdi-magnet
mdi mdi-magnet-on
mdi mdi-magnify
mdi mdi-magnify-minus
mdi mdi-magnify-plus
mdi mdi-mail-ru
mdi mdi-map
mdi mdi-map-marker
mdi mdi-map-marker-circle
mdi mdi-map-marker-minus
mdi mdi-map-marker-multiple
mdi mdi-map-marker-off
mdi mdi-map-marker-plus
mdi mdi-map-marker-radius
mdi mdi-margin
mdi mdi-markdown
mdi mdi-marker
mdi mdi-marker-check
mdi mdi-martini
mdi mdi-material-ui
mdi mdi-math-compass
mdi mdi-matrix
mdi mdi-maxcdn
mdi mdi-medium
mdi mdi-memory
mdi mdi-menu
mdi mdi-menu-down
mdi mdi-menu-left
mdi mdi-menu-right
mdi mdi-menu-up
mdi mdi-message
mdi mdi-message-alert
mdi mdi-message-draw
mdi mdi-message-image
mdi mdi-message-outline
mdi mdi-message-plus
mdi mdi-message-processing
mdi mdi-message-reply
mdi mdi-message-reply-text
mdi mdi-message-text
mdi mdi-message-text-outline
mdi mdi-message-video
mdi mdi-meteor
mdi mdi-microphone
mdi mdi-microphone-off
mdi mdi-microphone-outline
mdi mdi-microphone-settings
mdi mdi-microphone-variant
mdi mdi-microphone-variant-off
mdi mdi-microscope
mdi mdi-microsoft
mdi mdi-minecraft
mdi mdi-minus
mdi mdi-minus-box
mdi mdi-minus-circle
mdi mdi-minus-circle-outline
mdi mdi-minus-network
mdi mdi-mixcloud
mdi mdi-monitor
mdi mdi-monitor-multiple
mdi mdi-more
mdi mdi-motorbike
mdi mdi-mouse
mdi mdi-mouse-off
mdi mdi-mouse-variant
mdi mdi-mouse-variant-off
mdi mdi-move-resize
mdi mdi-move-resize-variant
mdi mdi-movie
mdi mdi-multiplication
mdi mdi-multiplication-box
mdi mdi-music-box
mdi mdi-music-box-outline
mdi mdi-music-circle
mdi mdi-music-note
mdi mdi-music-note-bluetooth
mdi mdi-music-note-bluetooth-off
mdi mdi-music-note-eighth
mdi mdi-music-note-half
mdi mdi-music-note-off
mdi mdi-music-note-quarter
mdi mdi-music-note-sixteenth
mdi mdi-music-note-whole
mdi mdi-nature
mdi mdi-nature-people
mdi mdi-navigation
mdi mdi-near-me
mdi mdi-needle
mdi mdi-nest-protect
mdi mdi-nest-thermostat
mdi mdi-new-box
mdi mdi-newspaper
mdi mdi-nfc
mdi mdi-nfc-tap
mdi mdi-nfc-variant
mdi mdi-nodejs
mdi mdi-note
mdi mdi-note-outline
mdi mdi-note-plus
mdi mdi-note-plus-outline
mdi mdi-note-text
mdi mdi-notification-clear-all
mdi mdi-numeric
mdi mdi-numeric-0-box
mdi mdi-numeric-0-box-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-0-box-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-1-box
mdi mdi-numeric-1-box-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-1-box-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-2-box
mdi mdi-numeric-2-box-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-2-box-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-3-box
mdi mdi-numeric-3-box-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-3-box-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-4-box
mdi mdi-numeric-4-box-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-4-box-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-5-box
mdi mdi-numeric-5-box-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-5-box-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-6-box
mdi mdi-numeric-6-box-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-6-box-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-7-box
mdi mdi-numeric-7-box-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-7-box-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-8-box
mdi mdi-numeric-8-box-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-8-box-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-9-box
mdi mdi-numeric-9-box-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-9-box-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-9-plus-box
mdi mdi-numeric-9-plus-box-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-numeric-9-plus-box-outline
mdi mdi-nutrition
mdi mdi-octagon
mdi mdi-octagon-outline
mdi mdi-odnoklassniki
mdi mdi-office
mdi mdi-oil
mdi mdi-oil-temperature
mdi mdi-omega
mdi mdi-onedrive
mdi mdi-opacity
mdi mdi-open-in-app
mdi mdi-open-in-new
mdi mdi-openid
mdi mdi-opera
mdi mdi-ornament
mdi mdi-ornament-variant
mdi mdi-outbox
mdi mdi-owl
mdi mdi-package
mdi mdi-package-down
mdi mdi-package-up
mdi mdi-package-variant
mdi mdi-package-variant-closed
mdi mdi-page-first
mdi mdi-page-last
mdi mdi-palette
mdi mdi-palette-advanced
mdi mdi-panda
mdi mdi-pandora
mdi mdi-panorama
mdi mdi-panorama-fisheye
mdi mdi-panorama-horizontal
mdi mdi-panorama-vertical
mdi mdi-panorama-wide-angle
mdi mdi-paper-cut-vertical
mdi mdi-paperclip
mdi mdi-parking
mdi mdi-pause
mdi mdi-pause-circle
mdi mdi-pause-circle-outline
mdi mdi-pause-octagon
mdi mdi-pause-octagon-outline
mdi mdi-paw
mdi mdi-paw-off
mdi mdi-pen
mdi mdi-pencil
mdi mdi-pencil-box
mdi mdi-pencil-box-outline
mdi mdi-pencil-lock
mdi mdi-pencil-off
mdi mdi-percent
mdi mdi-pharmacy
mdi mdi-phone
mdi mdi-phone-bluetooth
mdi mdi-phone-classic
mdi mdi-phone-forward
mdi mdi-phone-hangup
mdi mdi-phone-in-talk
mdi mdi-phone-incoming
mdi mdi-phone-locked
mdi mdi-phone-log
mdi mdi-phone-minus
mdi mdi-phone-missed
mdi mdi-phone-outgoing
mdi mdi-phone-paused
mdi mdi-phone-plus
mdi mdi-phone-settings
mdi mdi-phone-voip
mdi mdi-pi
mdi mdi-pi-box
mdi mdi-pig
mdi mdi-pill
mdi mdi-pin
mdi mdi-pin-off
mdi mdi-pine-tree
mdi mdi-pine-tree-box
mdi mdi-pinterest
mdi mdi-pinterest-box
mdi mdi-pizza
mdi mdi-play
mdi mdi-play-box-outline
mdi mdi-play-circle
mdi mdi-play-circle-outline
mdi mdi-play-pause
mdi mdi-play-protected-content
mdi mdi-playlist-check
mdi mdi-playlist-minus
mdi mdi-playlist-play
mdi mdi-playlist-plus
mdi mdi-playlist-remove
mdi mdi-playstation
mdi mdi-plus
mdi mdi-plus-box
mdi mdi-plus-circle
mdi mdi-plus-circle-multiple-outline
mdi mdi-plus-circle-outline
mdi mdi-plus-network
mdi mdi-plus-one
mdi mdi-pocket
mdi mdi-pokeball
mdi mdi-polaroid
mdi mdi-poll
mdi mdi-poll-box
mdi mdi-polymer
mdi mdi-pool
mdi mdi-popcorn
mdi mdi-pot
mdi mdi-pot-mix
mdi mdi-pound
mdi mdi-pound-box
mdi mdi-power
mdi mdi-power-settings
mdi mdi-power-socket
mdi mdi-presentation
mdi mdi-presentation-play
mdi mdi-printer
mdi mdi-printer-3d
mdi mdi-printer-alert
mdi mdi-priority-high
mdi mdi-priority-low
mdi mdi-professional-hexagon
mdi mdi-projector
mdi mdi-projector-screen
mdi mdi-pulse
mdi mdi-puzzle
mdi mdi-qqchat
mdi mdi-qrcode
mdi mdi-qrcode-scan
mdi mdi-quadcopter
mdi mdi-quality-high
mdi mdi-quicktime
mdi mdi-radar
mdi mdi-radiator
mdi mdi-radio
mdi mdi-radio-handheld
mdi mdi-radio-tower
mdi mdi-radioactive
mdi mdi-radiobox-blank
mdi mdi-radiobox-marked
mdi mdi-raspberrypi
mdi mdi-ray-end
mdi mdi-ray-end-arrow
mdi mdi-ray-start-end
mdi mdi-ray-vertex
mdi mdi-rdio
mdi mdi-read
mdi mdi-readability
mdi mdi-receipt
mdi mdi-record
mdi mdi-record-rec
mdi mdi-recycle
mdi mdi-reddit
mdi mdi-redo
mdi mdi-redo-variant
mdi mdi-refresh
mdi mdi-regex
mdi mdi-relative-scale
mdi mdi-reload
mdi mdi-remote
mdi mdi-rename-box
mdi mdi-repeat
mdi mdi-repeat-off
mdi mdi-repeat-once
mdi mdi-replay
mdi mdi-reply
mdi mdi-reply-all
mdi mdi-reproduction
mdi mdi-resize-bottom-right
mdi mdi-responsive
mdi mdi-rewind
mdi mdi-ribbon
mdi mdi-road
mdi mdi-road-variant
mdi mdi-rocket
mdi mdi-rotate-3d
mdi mdi-rotate-left
mdi mdi-rotate-left-variant
mdi mdi-rotate-right
mdi mdi-rotate-right-variant
mdi mdi-rounded-corner
mdi mdi-router-wireless
mdi mdi-routes
mdi mdi-rowing
mdi mdi-rss
mdi mdi-rss-box
mdi mdi-ruler
mdi mdi-run
mdi mdi-sale
mdi mdi-satellite
mdi mdi-satellite-variant
mdi mdi-saxophone
mdi mdi-scale
mdi mdi-scale-balance
mdi mdi-scale-bathroom
mdi mdi-school
mdi mdi-screen-rotation
mdi mdi-screen-rotation-lock
mdi mdi-screwdriver
mdi mdi-script
mdi mdi-sd
mdi mdi-seal
mdi mdi-seat-flat
mdi mdi-seat-flat-angled
mdi mdi-seat-individual-suite
mdi mdi-seat-legroom-extra
mdi mdi-seat-legroom-normal
mdi mdi-seat-legroom-reduced
mdi mdi-seat-recline-extra
mdi mdi-seat-recline-normal
mdi mdi-security
mdi mdi-security-network
mdi mdi-select
mdi mdi-select-all
mdi mdi-select-inverse
mdi mdi-select-off
mdi mdi-selection
mdi mdi-send
mdi mdi-serial-port
mdi mdi-server
mdi mdi-server-minus
mdi mdi-server-network
mdi mdi-server-network-off
mdi mdi-server-off
mdi mdi-server-plus
mdi mdi-server-remove
mdi mdi-server-security
mdi mdi-settings
mdi mdi-settings-box
mdi mdi-shape-circle-plus
mdi mdi-shape-plus
mdi mdi-shape-polygon-plus
mdi mdi-shape-rectangle-plus
mdi mdi-shape-square-plus
mdi mdi-share
mdi mdi-share-variant
mdi mdi-shield
mdi mdi-shield-outline
mdi mdi-shopping
mdi mdi-shopping-music
mdi mdi-shredder
mdi mdi-shuffle
mdi mdi-shuffle-disabled
mdi mdi-shuffle-variant
mdi mdi-sigma
mdi mdi-sigma-lower
mdi mdi-sign-caution
mdi mdi-signal
mdi mdi-signal-variant
mdi mdi-silverware
mdi mdi-silverware-fork
mdi mdi-silverware-spoon
mdi mdi-silverware-variant
mdi mdi-sim
mdi mdi-sim-alert
mdi mdi-sim-off
mdi mdi-sitemap
mdi mdi-skip-backward
mdi mdi-skip-forward
mdi mdi-skip-next
mdi mdi-skip-next-circle
mdi mdi-skip-next-circle-outline
mdi mdi-skip-previous
mdi mdi-skip-previous-circle
mdi mdi-skip-previous-circle-outline
mdi mdi-skype
mdi mdi-skype-business
mdi mdi-slack
mdi mdi-sleep
mdi mdi-sleep-off
mdi mdi-smoking
mdi mdi-smoking-off
mdi mdi-snapchat
mdi mdi-snowman
mdi mdi-soccer
mdi mdi-sofa
mdi mdi-sort
mdi mdi-sort-alphabetical
mdi mdi-sort-ascending
mdi mdi-sort-descending
mdi mdi-sort-numeric
mdi mdi-sort-variant
mdi mdi-soundcloud
mdi mdi-source-branch
mdi mdi-source-fork
mdi mdi-source-merge
mdi mdi-source-pull
mdi mdi-speaker
mdi mdi-speaker-off
mdi mdi-speedometer
mdi mdi-spellcheck
mdi mdi-spotify
mdi mdi-spotlight
mdi mdi-spotlight-beam
mdi mdi-spray
mdi mdi-square-inc
mdi mdi-square-inc-cash
mdi mdi-stackexchange
mdi mdi-stackoverflow
mdi mdi-stairs
mdi mdi-star
mdi mdi-star-circle
mdi mdi-star-half
mdi mdi-star-off
mdi mdi-star-outline
mdi mdi-steam
mdi mdi-steering
mdi mdi-step-backward
mdi mdi-step-backward-2
mdi mdi-step-forward
mdi mdi-step-forward-2
mdi mdi-stethoscope
mdi mdi-sticker
mdi mdi-stocking
mdi mdi-stop
mdi mdi-stop-circle
mdi mdi-stop-circle-outline
mdi mdi-store
mdi mdi-store-24-hour
mdi mdi-stove
mdi mdi-subdirectory-arrow-left
mdi mdi-subdirectory-arrow-right
mdi mdi-subway
mdi mdi-sunglasses
mdi mdi-surround-sound
mdi mdi-swap-horizontal
mdi mdi-swap-vertical
mdi mdi-swim
mdi mdi-switch
mdi mdi-sword
mdi mdi-sync
mdi mdi-sync-alert
mdi mdi-sync-off
mdi mdi-tab
mdi mdi-tab-unselected
mdi mdi-table
mdi mdi-table-column-plus-after
mdi mdi-table-column-plus-before
mdi mdi-table-column-remove
mdi mdi-table-column-width
mdi mdi-table-edit
mdi mdi-table-large
mdi mdi-table-row-height
mdi mdi-table-row-plus-after
mdi mdi-table-row-plus-before
mdi mdi-table-row-remove
mdi mdi-tablet
mdi mdi-tablet-android
mdi mdi-tablet-ipad
mdi mdi-tag
mdi mdi-tag-faces
mdi mdi-tag-multiple
mdi mdi-tag-outline
mdi mdi-tag-text-outline
mdi mdi-target
mdi mdi-taxi
mdi mdi-teamviewer
mdi mdi-telegram
mdi mdi-television
mdi mdi-television-guide
mdi mdi-temperature-celsius
mdi mdi-temperature-fahrenheit
mdi mdi-temperature-kelvin
mdi mdi-tennis
mdi mdi-tent
mdi mdi-terrain
mdi mdi-test-tube
mdi mdi-text-shadow
mdi mdi-text-to-speech
mdi mdi-text-to-speech-off
mdi mdi-textbox
mdi mdi-texture
mdi mdi-theater
mdi mdi-theme-light-dark
mdi mdi-thermometer
mdi mdi-thermometer-lines
mdi mdi-thumb-down
mdi mdi-thumb-down-outline
mdi mdi-thumb-up
mdi mdi-thumb-up-outline
mdi mdi-thumbs-up-down
mdi mdi-ticket
mdi mdi-ticket-account
mdi mdi-ticket-confirmation
mdi mdi-tie
mdi mdi-timelapse
mdi mdi-timer
mdi mdi-timer-10
mdi mdi-timer-3
mdi mdi-timer-off
mdi mdi-timer-sand
mdi mdi-timetable
mdi mdi-toggle-switch
mdi mdi-toggle-switch-off
mdi mdi-tooltip
mdi mdi-tooltip-edit
mdi mdi-tooltip-image
mdi mdi-tooltip-outline
mdi mdi-tooltip-outline-plus
mdi mdi-tooltip-text
mdi mdi-tooth
mdi mdi-tor
mdi mdi-traffic-light
mdi mdi-train
mdi mdi-tram
mdi mdi-transcribe
mdi mdi-transcribe-close
mdi mdi-transfer
mdi mdi-translate
mdi mdi-tree
mdi mdi-trello
mdi mdi-trending-down
mdi mdi-trending-neutral
mdi mdi-trending-up
mdi mdi-triangle
mdi mdi-triangle-outline
mdi mdi-trophy
mdi mdi-trophy-award
mdi mdi-trophy-outline
mdi mdi-trophy-variant
mdi mdi-trophy-variant-outline
mdi mdi-truck
mdi mdi-truck-delivery
mdi mdi-tshirt-crew
mdi mdi-tshirt-v
mdi mdi-tumblr
mdi mdi-tumblr-reblog
mdi mdi-tune
mdi mdi-tune-vertical
mdi mdi-twitch
mdi mdi-twitter
mdi mdi-twitter-box
mdi mdi-twitter-circle
mdi mdi-twitter-retweet
mdi mdi-ubuntu
mdi mdi-umbraco
mdi mdi-umbrella
mdi mdi-umbrella-outline
mdi mdi-undo
mdi mdi-undo-variant
mdi mdi-unfold-less
mdi mdi-unfold-more
mdi mdi-ungroup
mdi mdi-untappd
mdi mdi-upload
mdi mdi-usb
mdi mdi-vector-arrange-above
mdi mdi-vector-arrange-below
mdi mdi-vector-circle
mdi mdi-vector-circle-variant
mdi mdi-vector-combine
mdi mdi-vector-curve
mdi mdi-vector-difference
mdi mdi-vector-difference-ab
mdi mdi-vector-difference-ba
mdi mdi-vector-intersection
mdi mdi-vector-line
mdi mdi-vector-point
mdi mdi-vector-polygon
mdi mdi-vector-polyline
mdi mdi-vector-rectangle
mdi mdi-vector-selection
mdi mdi-vector-square
mdi mdi-vector-triangle
mdi mdi-vector-union
mdi mdi-verified
mdi mdi-vibrate
mdi mdi-video
mdi mdi-video-off
mdi mdi-video-switch
mdi mdi-view-agenda
mdi mdi-view-array
mdi mdi-view-carousel
mdi mdi-view-column
mdi mdi-view-dashboard
mdi mdi-view-day
mdi mdi-view-grid
mdi mdi-view-headline
mdi mdi-view-list
mdi mdi-view-module
mdi mdi-view-quilt
mdi mdi-view-stream
mdi mdi-view-week
mdi mdi-vimeo
mdi mdi-vine
mdi mdi-violin
mdi mdi-visualstudio
mdi mdi-vk
mdi mdi-vk-box
mdi mdi-vk-circle
mdi mdi-vlc
mdi mdi-voice
mdi mdi-voicemail
mdi mdi-volume-high
mdi mdi-volume-low
mdi mdi-volume-medium
mdi mdi-volume-off
mdi mdi-vpn
mdi mdi-walk
mdi mdi-wallet
mdi mdi-wallet-giftcard
mdi mdi-wallet-membership
mdi mdi-wallet-travel
mdi mdi-wan
mdi mdi-watch
mdi mdi-watch-export
mdi mdi-watch-import
mdi mdi-water
mdi mdi-water-off
mdi mdi-water-percent
mdi mdi-water-pump
mdi mdi-watermark
mdi mdi-weather-cloudy
mdi mdi-weather-fog
mdi mdi-weather-hail
mdi mdi-weather-lightning
mdi mdi-weather-night
mdi mdi-weather-partlycloudy
mdi mdi-weather-pouring
mdi mdi-weather-rainy
mdi mdi-weather-snowy
mdi mdi-weather-sunny
mdi mdi-weather-sunset
mdi mdi-weather-sunset-down
mdi mdi-weather-sunset-up
mdi mdi-weather-windy
mdi mdi-weather-windy-variant
mdi mdi-web
mdi mdi-webcam
mdi mdi-webhook
mdi mdi-wechat
mdi mdi-weight
mdi mdi-weight-kilogrammdi-whatsapp
mdi mdi-whatsapp
mdi mdi-wheelchair-accessibility
mdi mdi-white-balance-auto
mdi mdi-white-balance-incandescent
mdi mdi-white-balance-iridescent
mdi mdi-white-balance-sunny
mdi mdi-wifi
mdi mdi-wifi-off
mdi mdi-wii
mdi mdi-wikipedia
mdi mdi-window-close
mdi mdi-window-closed
mdi mdi-window-maximize
mdi mdi-window-minimize
mdi mdi-window-open
mdi mdi-window-restore
mdi mdi-windows
mdi mdi-wordpress
mdi mdi-worker
mdi mdi-wrap
mdi mdi-wrench
mdi mdi-wunderlist
mdi mdi-xaml
mdi mdi-xbox
mdi mdi-xbox-controller
mdi mdi-xbox-controller-off
mdi mdi-xda
mdi mdi-xing
mdi mdi-xing-box
mdi mdi-xing-circle
mdi mdi-xml
mdi mdi-yeast
mdi mdi-yelp
mdi mdi-youtube-play
mdi mdi-zip-box
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